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Healthedge—Persona Posters

Creating a persona posters template We had a pile of interviews that had been done and…


Different yet similar
Different yet similar

Healthedge—Persona Posters

Category User Experience
Date March 21, 2017

Creating a persona posters template

We had a pile of interviews that had been done and we wanted to start a conversation around personas, especially as they relate to user experience.

Persona poster

This were the subject of much controversy as the product manager was pushing for marketing personas

Personas are really quite complex to create as everyone has its own understanding of how they come to be and that can be quite complex to resolve. These were created as a result of interviews, one for each of the categories that were identified as possible users of our Care Manager software. Though this approach can seem quite reasonable it quickly proves cumbersome as we ended up with 10 different personas. The trick was to understand that a type of user might not be a persona per se as the archetype might be overlapping. It really is a matter of quality over quantity.

Sam is a supervisor

Displaying personas

In order to give the posters a personal touch I opted out of canned stock photos for pictures that have been available via Google with a shared use. It felt important to give these the human touch that the stock photo almost never have. In order to make them memorable the picture is the biggest driver, immediately followed by a quote which act as a summary of the more salient point. The rest of the information is really just there as a back up ti this first impression. The biggest argument being about what how and what could be edited in order to keep in mind what the user wanted while making it more generic and across.

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