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Healthcare — Building Personas

Are Personas our friend? A high-level decision maker responsible for overseeing the work. The Problem…


Grey boxes showing where text and images should go
Grey boxes showing where text and images should go

Healthcare — Building Personas

Category Information Architecture / Professional / User Experience
Date March 21, 2017


Are Personas our friend?

Abigail's personal information and job dutiesA high-level decision maker responsible for overseeing the work.

The Problem

I was put in charge of making sense of already conducted interviews. Some of that information was living in a big Excel spreadsheet. The goal was to start a conversation in the company around personas and find out how we could use them in order to build better value into our product.

My proposed solution

For presentation purposes, I opted for a simple division of the information into different buckets. Namely biodata (age, occupation, education and responsibilities), goals, work environment, with a focus on a typical day and their technology comfort level.

As a disease manager Allison is a specialist who oversees patients with asthma.

The research

These personas were the result of interviews of real persons, one for each of the categories that were identified as possible users of our Care Manager software.

We ended up with 10 different personas though I suspect that more exposure to them would have helped us reduce their numbers and identify deeper clusters of needs and behavior. A type of user might not be a persona and that some of the people’s roles and behaviors might be overlapping. A small number of personas is easier to remember and to really use.

A care manager is responsible for quickly analyzing data and reaching out to high risk patients. 

Give life to your personas

I used pictures available via Google with a shared use. It felt important to give these the human touch that stock photo almost never have. The picture has the biggest impact, immediately followed by the quote which act as a summary of the most salient traits. The rest of the information is really a back up to this first impression.

A slightly different role of reaching out to promote healthy activities. 

Sally is our super user, overseer of all things and with the most responsibilities.

The person in the trench with a daily quota to meet day in, day out. 

Sharon works at making sure things do not fall through the cracks.. 

Tiffany is at the front of the system with a customer facing position while at the same time providing guidelines for improvement. 

Carmen, educator and outreach person.

Casey, complex and catastrophic case manager.

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