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Philippe Heckly
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Join Me

An app for business travelers.

Date — 2015
Tools — Research, Balsamiq, animated GIF

My proposed app, Join Me is a mobile app for business travelers who do not want to eat alone while traveling.


The problem

Don’t you hate when you are traveling for business and end up having dinner alone? That is the problem this app aims to solve by proposing a way to connect you with your friends or other contacts within your social circles so that you don’t have to eat alone. The goal being to make it a pleasant experience for both parties involved.


The Research

JoinMe builds on existing social media—such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter—in order to connect the traveling person first with her or his network of friends and build from there to outer layers of relationships while keeping a level of safety and confidence. A bi-party review system lets you own stars. Your profile provides some expectations of your taste, interest and entertainment values.

The Process

Detailing the steps of what one could do in order to reach out to their circle of friends was my first step. I needed to do some further user flow and analysis to get under the hood and see this idea through.


Rough Draft in Balsamiq

A quick prototype in Balsamiq of what the app would look like. It is still a half-baked prototype.

The Next Step
This is only a first draft and I need to interview and do more research to see how much traction this idea really has and if it is at all feasible. I only know that I could have used it a few times.