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Philippe Heckly
User Experience Designer

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Multiple devices – UX, Web Design



Image of a tablet, wireframe, website and book layouts


Some pages of the website to promote a book which was also made available as a tablet app.

The problem

The challenge was to create a book and then recycle its content for electronic use moving from print to web and tablet. It opens a whole array of discussion as to how one navigates from page to page in the different mediums. It also made me a fervent convert of the iPad.

Reusing the content of the book in the website and the tablet versions was my first real introduction to UX thinking.

—Philippe Heckly

The challenge was to create a creative brief, use it to create a book from concept to delivery and then promote the book with a website and a tablet app.

Added features

The sitemap was a direct offspring from the book table of contents though it got some extra features such as a section about the author, one about the indians and another one about ways to get involved by sharing pictures or booking a trip.

Sitemap of the website

The sitemap as it will show a carousel of 6 images, the 18 spreads of the books and the special sections.

A large background image has some text floating over it. A tab on the left lets you access the book while the sections are featured on the main navigation bar.

The book is featured as a strip of images that are displayed sequentially either automatically or by clicking on it.


A few of the wireframes I did for this project in PowerPoint though I am now fluent with Omnigraffle and Axure.

Over a large background image used more as a texture comes a banner-like page that showcases its subject or author.

I thought it would be nice to see a blue print of the boat and find out where one might spend a few nights while cruising down the Amazon river basin.

Five of the spreads from the book including the cover and the maps.

The tablet version

A few screenshots of the tablet version

Three screens showing how the app would work in a portrait format.