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Homepage of the "Enfants du Cameroun" website


The previous site

Website with some need of TLC

This was how the website looked like before. The links were red and there were many of them. The logo was not integrated and had nothing to do the the branding of the site and it was hosted on someone personal pages.

Enfants du Cameroun

Tools — Web Design,
Content Management System
Client — Non-Profit

New home page


The first “Enfants du Cameroun” website was a good effort by someone who could tinker with software but didn’t really have a vision for the site. I worked with Bertrand, Pierre Nicolas and Claire to get a vision of what they wanted me to implement. My original intent was to deliver a turn-key website and give them the opportunity to edit and change it as they saw fit.


“Enfants du Cameroun” is a French non-profit based near Paris who funds a children shelter in South Cameroon. It uses its website for public recognition of its latest happenings though most of it was posted on Facebook first.

The team

Since the bulk of the team is located in France I had to work remotely with them, submitting rounds for approval. Bertrand is the lead editor, Pierre-Nicolas oversees the whole project, Claire was the previous “webmaster” and was kind enough to pass the baton gracefully and Alice joined the team later first as a collaborator, then as an editor as Bertrand moved on.

Technical challenges

I worked with a small team of French speakers who wanted the ease of a CMS and an interface labeled in French as none of them felt really comfortable using English on the website. Luckily WordPress offered that feature and I was able to implement it fairly easily. I am using the WordPress TwentyFourteen theme pretty much out straight out of the box alongside a child theme that made minor tweaks to the core. For those of you who don’t know WordPress uses a ‘core’ for its functionality which should never be touched unless you really know what you’re doing and can code your way out of a sticky situation. To that core WordPress provides you with themes that provide customization to your site. Best practice recommends that one does not edit a theme directly but instead creates a ‘child theme’ which will customize your site without touching the core files which as a result are left unaffected when a new version of the theme or of the core is released.

We were also able to revisit the architecture of the site, promote the effort of the team on behalf of the children and create a lively section with photos and videos. Once these were in place I did step back and handed over the control of everything to Bertrand who became the de facto content manager.

The old site had a dated look and required a ‘webmaster’ for maintenance purposes. The pages were tied by a common background color and fonts but lacked layout consistency.



I volunteered my time and effort to build a minimal website with the idea to use it as a testing ground. It offered some challenges as the French speakers were rooting for a Content Management System in French which luckily WordPress offered. It also needed to be flexible as the “Enfants” page will grow over time as more children are featured. The main goal of this site is to offer an online presence and show what’s going on in Cameroon—an African nation—to its French donors.


The site can be accessed at http://enfantsducameroun.org/
It was well received as it provides easy access to editable content and a more modern look and feel to the site.


Un immense merci à toi Philippe. Le résultat est superbe. C’est un énorme boulot et tous les membres de l’association te sont reconnaissants.

— Pierre-Nicolas Carissan, Membre fondateur d’Enfants du Cameroun


A huge thanks to you,  Philippe. The result is superb. It was a huge job and all the members of the association are thankful to you.

— Pierre-Nicolas Carissan, Enfants du Cameroon Founder


The blog now has a nice white background and large pictures. They are time stamped and easily trackable. But most importantly the site editors have total freedom using the CMS and updating the site as they see fit since the association relies heavily on volunteers.

Children taking care of babies at the center