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The Grommet – UX, IA



2 states of one tile


3 screens of the blog on the iphone

The blog can be accessed on the phone. The three screens above are a representation of the flow. You will see tiles and when you select one it will bring you to the story. A more entertaining way to read only what interest you.

Revisiting the blog


The problem

The blog page of the Grommet is not getting much traffic. Doing a re-design of the blog pages is the solution the product manager would like to explore to address this issue.

Competitive research

There seems to be a trend toward using tiles as a way to navigate between pages. Direct competitors sites like Brika and Brit.co as well as sites like Shopify, Pinterest and Custom Made all have some kind of tiles to do just this. It is a quick and efficient way of glancing through information and while keeping a feeling of choice.


Reducing the clutter on the left margin. Creating inviting tiles with little heartwarming copy, and showing date and author as much as possible we aim at making the blog experience more inviting and interactive.

‘Good design is as little design as possible’

—Dieter Rams principle #10 from Ten Principles For Good Design

Here is an option as to how to display the blog though I would still highly recommend to make the stories as short and sweet as possible. “Read more” which implies work has been replaced by “The whole story.” Something worth testing as the action verb might be necessary to engage the person on the other side of the screen.

2 states of one tile

Here are two states of the same tile. The title is no longer than 2 lines with a byline below that stick to one as much as possible. The photograph is inviting. Portrait of the author helps connecting with the piece. It is dated and signed. When tapped or hovered the beginning of the text shows up.

The above is a design challenge I did for the Grommet. It was intended as a way to check on my UX and visual design skills. I enjoyed the challenge and wanted to share the results.