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Invaluable team discussing details

Invaluable asked for help with its account creation flow. The original flow was not successful at gathering data on customers and that’s where the story begins.

The first image is what one can still see when they visit the Invaluable website and tries to create an account by clicking on the “create an account” button in the top right of the nav bar. The second image is the solution we proposed. Something totally integrated with the Invaluable style guide ecosystem.

An online live auction marketplace approached us with a need to improve their account creation flow.

Category — UX
Time — 3 weeks
Client — Invaluable
Team — Stephanie Bond,
Michael Kontopoulos,
Otto Awqatty,
Philippe Heckly

Gathered around the table

Presenting an interactive prototype



Data from the client showed a significant drop at each page transition of the account creation main flow. Scores of people dropping at each stage. Our goal was to improve the registration rate while providing a more pleasant, interactive experience.


Competitive Research

Our team of 4—Stephanie, Otto, Michael and myself—was able to identify a number of players in the field. We studied what they were doing, formulated solutions appropriate for our audience and provided them as options to our client. Some technical restrictions prevented them from implementing certain solutions such as using a window overlay, while others were veering off of our client’s technological strategy. So we narrowed down our approach to focus more on the experience itself.


The Process

Our client was very helpful in guiding us through the complexities of their website for which we gained a lot of new appreciation. Through heuristic evaluation, cards sorting, interactive wireframes and clickable prototype we learned to ask questions and listen to propose solutions to the problem through simplifying the registration process, providing timely feedback and massaging the tone and feel of the form.



The problem seemed simple. Yet it proved more difficult as we stumbled upon detail after detail that needed to be addressed. What happens when someone enter their information? What if they enter something wrong? How can we make sure we get the information we need to create an account—more about the client’s interests and preferences than just an email and password? What about the experience from the client’s point of view? How are they feeling? Is that experience in tune with the Invaluable brand? Could it be improved?


Visual Tiles

Exploring how using visual tiles would improve the account creation flow was at the core of this project. Tiles are an engaging and fun way to make it easier to share information that is crucial to Invaluable and that the user is reluctant to provide otherwise. They help define the interests of the user and for Invaluable to act upon it and deliver an improved user experience.

“I don’t have time to come to you
— you come to me.”

Bruce Harper—Our Persona, a New York City top executive

Old option with keywords underneath

Getting Closer

Our first iteration had a spatial problem—the categories and keywords were relegated to the bottom of the page making them hard to see and somehow not quite as connected with the tiles. Something had to be done about it!

Taking Shape

The final front page uses landscape tiles in order to take up less real estate thereby providing room for the keywords and showing more clearly the relationship between tiles and keywords.

You can click here to access a clickable prototype in InVision.
Or click here to access the keynote presentation.


What did we learn from this experience? We learned that it was important to be humble and listen to our client’s needs. This helped us figure out the pain points of the account creation flow and how to improve the experience while gaining some invaluable information about the account owner which could then be turned into actionable email contact which greatly improve the customer experience as well as the ROI of account creation. In any negotiation a win-win is always the most appreciated!