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Intrepid Labs – Landing page, UX, IA



Intrepid labs logo and invitation to scroll


Intrepid labs logo and invitation to scroll

Building a Landing Page

Category : UX, Web design
Date : August 2013
Client : Intrepid Labs

Above is one of the many wireframes I sketched with pen and paper in order to quickly figure out the landing page. Everything was discussed including a lot of ideas that got dropped along the way.

The Challenge

Intrepid Labs, a workspace sharing and mobile app incubator was looking for a landing page to advertise its workspace endeavor.
Sketching helped to figure out the various elements that should be part of the landing page, discuss and exchange views as to what information should come first and what should be excluded. There were many rounds before settling to the final solution of showing the logo first with an arrow pointing down, then a cool parallax effect over a picture of the space which is the commodity being advertised, then a mosaic of tiles each showing a different feature of the floor, ending up with the pricing options, the perks, a contact form and a chance to register for Intrepid-labs email.

The Solution

Our team of 4 quickly honed on the fact that Intrepid wish for a blog was placing WordPress as a strong candidate. A search with Themeforest gave us some good lead and we opted for the “My Way” theme because of its cool parallax effect. We then went through multiple iterations and a few meetings with the Intrepid team to decide on what order made the most sense and how to organize the page as the sketch above demonstrates.


The landing page was a great success. The logo and an arrow invite you to scroll down and you get to explore the space while being introduced to the perks. a colorful space, funny art, a kitchen with an outdoor balcony, and access to a community of like minded mobile app developers.

Map showing location of Intrepid Labs with contact info.

The map is particularly useful as it shows where the space is located since it is a little way off the main drags of Cambridge and surprisingly hard to find on the fourth floor of the old American Twine building which only shows three floors on the street side—on needs to go all the way in the back to find the fourth floor.

Our expectations were absolutely surpassed.
We are so glad to have this team working on our landing page.

—Mark Kasdorf

A view of the awesome space at Intrepid Labs.

The Intrepid Labs work sharing space. A community of like-minded mobile app developers hard at work.