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Client — Various Tools — Illustrator, Branding What's so great about infographics and data visualization? Like...


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Client — Various
Tools — Illustrator, Branding

What’s so great about infographics and data visualization?

Like most people we tend not to read when browsing online but scan the text, looking for the good juicy bits we may find valuable. This is why infographics were a trend I have always liked as a way to quickly share information visually.


South Sudan Health Program Infographic

The result of a five-year Health program in South Sudan, the infographic details the results of the program. The difficulty was in the fact that the NGO beyond it is mostly in charge of providing the framework and the training for the work that is then being implemented mostly by local people.

The major outcomes of the program were:

– an increase in engagement and retention from the care givers

– a huge acceptance of vaccination (from 20% to over 70%)

– health care workers training major increase

– focus on 7 areas of health

South Sudan Health Program Infographic poster

The constraints

I wanted the infographic to work both online and printed as a poster so I limited myself to fit everything on a tabloid format. Using a grid I played with the placement of the various elements chunking information together until it made sense. The color palette was a challenge, I started with bright colors but found out that limiting myself to a 2 color process had more weight and made the piece fall in place.


The result

Editing the data in order to use only quantifiable information while trying to keep it interesting was definitely a challenge. In the future I see myself doing more work like this and learning D3.js to make it interactive.

Kidney Disease Infographics

The Challenge

The client struggled with the amount of text and information they wanted to represent on a minimal amount of space. Once this was figured out I went through the facts and tried to represent them visually. Once this was done, using the map as a unifying element while placing the under-served groups on it was the deciding element.

Top ten facts about kidney disease poster

The constraints

The client wanted to display “10 things to know about kidney disease” on a sheet that could be printed anywhere with a good professional printer so it had to have a white margin. I was looking to avoid too ‘boxy’ a look while playing with a simple grid which helped with the text.


The result

A colorful poster that the client selected from a few options. It was released on time for the National Day of Kidney Disease Awareness.


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