Philippe Heckly

Designer ~ Typographer ~ Infographist

My design approach is all about process.

Ideate / Sketch / Prototype / Test

Repeat as needed


Here is how I addressed the challenges of recycling content between devices.

A collage of 4 different pieces including a page layout, a wireframe, a computer screen view and a tablet view.

The conversion from the book to the website was informed by the table of content. The tablet required development of a complementary app including touch functions.

Greybox for the author page. As you know a greybox is an elaborate wireframe where most issues have been resolved, just one step away from going into production.

Greybox for the author page. A greybox is an elaborated wireframe, just one step away from going into production.

Hazy morning on the river Inside the hut smoking fish Moonlight over the Amazon Ara parrot in flight Sunset on the Amazon Scroll through the whole book Listen to the Piraha and watch them speak Make a reservation on one of our boat

Recycling content across devices is a challenge designers have to face everyday. I see responsive design as a solution for the present and believe that html5 and css3 are opening the doors to a new and improved internet experience both from the user and the developer point of view. Complete integration of design and user experience between devices just plain make sense.

Here is my first attempt at it. Each iteration required its own set of rules from layout, to navigation, user experience and interactivity. Flow and navigation became much more prominent than I had anticipated.

Intrepid Labs landing page

Third iteration of the many drafts that helped figure out the rhythm of the page and where to put what information.

Third iteration. As one can see it is all about the details. In this particular case we moved directly from sketches to implementation skipping the wireframe stage. You can see the result in the iframe below or by going directly to the site by clicking on the orange link below.

The goal was to give Intrepid Labs—the division of Intrepid Pursuits dedicated to shared workspace—an online presence with the objective to nurture and strengthen a community of mobile developers sharing a great common space. The landing page replaced a long static graphic that was acting as a placeholder.

Book Cover

book cover for a french experimental novel that doesn't use one of the letters of the alphabet. The challenge was to be subtle about it.


I decided to represent our data more visually using a posterlike sheet to fit it all. It was especially important to have it fit into a printable tabloid sheet size so that it could be output.
Infographic on 10 kidney facts depicting the fact that people over 60 or with an ethnic background are more likely to be affected and how dialysis saves lives.


A stack of books with a tablet in front of them. A stack of dollar bills floating like a flag. A calendar with a checkmark. A hand pointing at a tablet screen. Five figures of people stacked in a way that suggest a group following a leader.

A set of five icons I did to be used as illustrations for a blog.


Click on posters to enlarge

Jazz poster using the names of the musicians to suggest movement and rhythm

It is always challenging to create visuals about music since they are addressing two different senses. A typographic treatment seemed the right approach. In a strange way the linearity of the music is echoed in the flow of the letterforms.

Award poster with a graphic treatment suggesting a flame

The client wanted two posters with similar due dates that were basically going to serve the same purpose. I proposed to merge the two into one and concentrating on the awards. The rest just fell into place.

Poster presenting the work done with performance-based incentives in South Sudan

Our largest client, a major governmental agency mandated that we present our work on a constant basis at conventions and other events. It forced me to use very streamlined design as we sometimes had to produce dozens of such posters over a short period of time. This one is just one among many.

Collateral pieces

A poster to accompany the book we realeased for MSH's 40th anniversary. The timeline in the back was challenging as I had to be creative in order to keep the events in chronological order.


Large banner to promote AIDS day

Large building banner to promote AIDS day on December 1st.